Liberal Crime Squad is a satirical video game originally developed by Bay 12 Games (the authors of Dwarf Fortress) in 2002-2004 and currently supported by a community of open source developers. The game satirizes and exaggerates both sides of the political spectrum in many ways.

In the game, the player takes a role of the titular squad in object to save the United States from becoming an Arch-Conservative Totalitarian police state and influence the public to become more Liberal. This may be done in many ways, both violent and peaceful.


The game's story is presented in a single screen of text at the beginning, which tells how, in 2009, a conservative President was replaced by an even more radical one, who instantly decides to start passing Conservative laws. Luckily, your player character decides to start the titular squad.


The objective of the game is to influence the public opinion in a way that the people will start electing liberal Presidents and Congressmen, who will, in turn, vote for liberal bills. The game is ended when the whole government is Elite Liberal (the best possible label in the game) and all the political issues are resolved in an Elite Liberal way, too.

The game provides a wide variety of ways to promote Liberal Agenda among the people. Some of these ways involve committing crimes (starting from flag burning and vandalism and ending with treason and terrorism), while some are entirely peaceful, but usually harder to accomplish. Nearly all the problems the player may encounter can be solved in different ways.


This game is presented entirely in text mode, in a mix of text adventure and roguelike style. This is one of the game's weaknesses and strong points at the same time -- as introducing graphics into such a varied game would take so much time and resources, quite a lot would have to be cut away.


NOTE: This game does not portray a realistic public response to many of the crimes performed. (For example, violent raids are considered "positive" by the in-game public unless a non-Conservative was hurt.) Trying to repeat something one saw or did in fiction is never a good idea -- especially if it is punishable by real-life law. Video games are often blamed by the Conservatives to be a source of violence -- one thing we surely don't need is a confirmation of that.

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