Liberal Deceit is a term much used by Andrew Schlafly, the instigator of Conservapedia, and his cohorts on the site. It refers to statements issued by liberals and moderates that do not fit into their narrow theocratic-creationist-fascist- right-wing-neoconservative ideology. Despite the fact that liberal deceit either isn't really deceit at all, or is just plain old everyday deceit indulged in by the whole ideological spectrum, Conservapedia considers anything that falls out of a narrow spectrum of Conservative ideology to be lies.

According to CP, pretty much only liberals are capable of deceit and conservatives, such as George W. Bush, never lie. When inconvenient facts don't mesh with conservative "reality", the facts are merely changed (like the reasons for invading Iraq) to suit the requirements of the moment. Rather than admit Fred Phelps is a conservative, Conservapedia simply rebrands him a liberal despite his authoritarian, homophobic, and religious views.

In spite of there being many examples of conservatives hypocritically deceiving others, and even many classic cases on CP itself, (Professor Post Holder Richard Dawkins anyone?), Conservapedia does not have a conservative deceit article. Some would suggest that this omission is in itself a deceit, as it has been created and deleted six times,[1] so they cannot use the excuse they have just not got around to creating it.


  1. "Conservative Deceit" - Deletion Log

Adapted from a deleted RationalWiki article

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