Bias is a natural Human condition and, yes Liberals have to guard ourselves against prejudice too. While liberals can be biased, conservatives like to use the term "liberal bias" to refer to facts. Conservatives pretend something has a Liberal bias when the objective facts clearly go against Conservative ideas,

Mainstream MediaEdit

Tea Party Extremists Yell for free on CNN03:21

Tea Party Extremists Yell for free on CNN

Tea Party Extremists Yell for free on CNN.

Conservatives like to act like the Mainstream media has a liberal bias, but there are a lot of things CNN, NBC, and ABC don't cover that they would cover if they were truly liberal.  For instance, CNN once spent a long time giving angry teabaggers free publicity without any rebuttal. They did not cover the protests of the Trayvon Martin verdict until angry bloggers pressured them too.  While CNN appears to cover the national debt a lot[1], only one CNN personality bothers to write much about inequality, and he doesn't do much more than crowdsource book recommendations[2].  

When Wendy Davis did her epic filibuster, CNN hardly seemed to care.  After all, women's rights are so trivial when compared to the number of calories in a blueberry muffin. 


Those with a liberal bias may overlook certain facts in order to promote a liberal cause or subject, this is quite rare as it is normally unnecessarily if something is unbiased. 'Liberal bias' is more often an erroneous term used by conservatives in an attempt to discredit unbiased media that uses facts, logic, rationality and science.

They also often call neutral or even conservatively biased information sources (Network News stations, newspapers and Wikipedia) liberally biased in order to trick the public into thinking an even more conservative viewpoint is actually neutral. This disinformation has been going on for generations and is pervasive throughout the world. Examples include hardcore conservatives who often accuse the entire science community of being liberally biased simple to disregard their almost unequivocal acceptance of evolution and Global warming.

Examples of Liberal Bias Edit

Nobel Peace Prize

Only four American presidents have been given the Nobel Peace Prize. Three of the four were Democrats, and none of them were conservatives.


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[cnn.comCorporate Influence Courtesy of CNN]

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