Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam popularly known as LTTE is a rebel group in Sri Lanka advocating Tamil Eelam or seperate country. They are popularly known as Tamil Tigers. It is headed by Vellpilla Prabhakaran. The members of this group are known as Tamil Tigers. LTTE is the only terrorist group in the world to govern land on their own. They used to run police stations and public offices in territories held by them. LTTE has many wings like Sea Tiger, Air tiger (Vanapully) and Black Tiger. The Air Tiger consists of two or three lightweight aircrafta. LTTE is the only terrrotist group to possess an air force. The Black Tiger wing carries out suicide oprations and LTTE is famous for their suicide bombings. Members of LTTE carry pottasium cyanide tablets with them. LTTe was behind the assasination of Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Ghandi. LTTE is currently being banhammered by Sri Lankan army.

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