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The anti-choice extremist Lila Rose giving a speech.

Lila Grace Rose
, born July 27, 1988 is an American pro-life extremist activist. She founded the anti-abortion extremist Live Action group. She is known for smear and extreme sting campaigns against Planned Parenthood and its affiliated organizations and hurts them whenever she can.


Rose grew up in San Jose, California and is the third of eight children. She was home-schooled until she attended UCLA and was a history major there. She is a devout Roman Catholic but more of a heavily committed conservative extremist.

Rose started her anti-abortion activities when she was 15 and continued it while she was at UCLA. Her other activities and involvement include the conservative non-profit Leadership Institute.

And yet, she doesn't care about abortion providers such as David Gunn and George Tiller whose lives were threatened in every way up until they eventually got killed (Gunn's murder was in 1993 while Tiller just got shot in the arms that same year and then murdered at his church in 2009).

Pro- life people like herEdit

In 2008, Rose was awarded $50,000 in the annual "Life Prizes" awards which was sponsored by the pro-life charity Gerard Health Foundation. Her other awards and recognitions include receiving the "Person of the Year Malachi Award" from Operation Rescue and being named a "Young Leader" by the pro-life non-profit Susan B. Anthony List in 2009. Rose was featured in the 2010 CNN documentary Right on the Edge, which spotlighted young conservative passionate activists. She was also interviewed in the February 2011 edition of the monthly magazine Catholic Digest where she described her passion for going to extreme lengths to try to get abortion illegal.


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