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Female Lion on the prowl, hunting for neocons

We sometimes like satire in Liberapedia so please don't take everything seriously.

A Lion is an awesome animal in the feline family. Lions are some of the largest cats in the world, second only to the tiger. They are at the top of the food chain in their natural habitat of Africa, and have survived in much larger populations than their relatives, the tiger. This is mostly due to the African people who do not exploit their habitats like the overpopulated South Asian countries.

Male lions are notorious for their large manes, which scare most right-wing conservatives. This is understandable as lion attacks on influential Conservatives George W. Bush, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and other chimpanzees in his species have been documented in Africa.

Female lions are smaller but also have a tan coat and very sharp teeth. Tigers, leopards, and pumas are all closely related to lions. Several subspecies exist, all but three are in Sub-Saharan Africa. Lions prefer savannas and other wide-open grasslands, unlike some other cats which prefer living in forests.

Lions live in prides that usually consist of six lions and a few lion cubs. Lions have night vision like all cats and often hunt at night, if not more often, as often as they do during the day due to the advantage over their prey at night. Lions typically prey upon zebras, antelopes, wildebeest, and warthogs. Rarely, though, they will take on much fiercer and more dangerous cape buffalo. They often pick off ones with vulnerabilities, like unprotected calves or old and sick cape buffaloes, or ones with bad injury. Since cape buffaloes will often work together to protect each other from predators, rather than chasing or causing the cape buffaloes to tun, which they don't, they will pick off individuals that are far enough from the herd for the lions to pin down and target, and become close to killing it so that way the herd will assume it's to late and move on. Very rarely, they will attempt to make a meal out of a hippo, rhino, or elephant. They will pinpoint individuals with vulnerabilities so that way they can't defend themselves or run away. Lions have a bite force of 600 psi, weaker than that of their rival, the hyena. Lions have sharp teeth and sharp, hook-like claws, plus strength. Lions will sometimes pick off small crocodiles, usually when they're far enough away from water. There is a species of lion that lives in Asia, although they still never encounter the tiger.

Liberals are in the business of protecting these beautiful animals, while neocons would rather drill for oil in their natural habitat or find other ways of exploiting lion habitat commercially.

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