Liverpool is a city in Lancashire, in North-West England. Historically, Liverpool grew from a small port into a major city because of trans-atlantic trade between Great Britain; its colonies in Africa and the Americas; and the United States - particularly the slave trade. However, Liverpool made up for this bad history by welcoming thousands of Irish immigrants during the Irish Potato Famine.

Liverpool is best known as the home of world-famous band the Beatles and its two legendary football teams - Liverpool FC and Everton FC.

Joyless Capitalist Rupert Murdoch's newspaper the Sun (like FOX, but it's British and it's a newspaper) is currently boycotted by almost all Liverpool newsagents because of the appalling lies it printed following the Hillsborough Disaster, saying that LFC supporters were responsible for rioting; causing the disaster; looting and defiling the dead and injured; and assaulting police officers and emergency workers.

Brian Jacques, author of the Redwall books, is from Liverpool, and based Redwall on the city's Stanley Park.

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