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Louis Theroux is a popular documentary film maker from Britain. Scientology is just one of many topics he's covered. [1]

Theroux on ScientologyEdit

While Scientologists almost never give access to the church (...), they can be relied on to provide a kind of “negative access” – in that they have a habit of tailing, filming, questioning and investigating those who do stories on them. This kind of attention is both highly revealing – in what it says about the confrontational mindset of the dedicated Scientologist – and also rather entertaining. (...) I began to feel that using Hollywood techniques to re-enact scenes – of Scientology practices, and also of alleged abuse – might give us a chance to explore questions of culpability, and that it could end up being a kind of therapeutic role-playing for the ex-Scientologists. (...) The Scientologists’ strikeback started about two months into filming. (...) A torrent of letters from Scientology lawyers also began pouring in. The gist of them was: 1) By talking to ex-members, you are creating a skewed picture of our church (conveniently ignoring that we would have been happy to talk to active members, but none were forthcoming); and 2) Would you do this to Justin Welby, the archbishop of Canterbury? (Answer: Yes, if 20 or more ex-colleagues were alleging that they had either seen or been on the receiving end of his physical abuse.) (Louis Theroux) [2]

Theroux claims there is a positive side to Scientology. This may well be true but the positive side is a trap that gets practitioners to accept the harmful effects of Scientology.


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