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A Macintosh also known as a Mac or iMac, is a raincoat computer made by Apple, for a long time they have ran their own exclusive OS called Mac OS, but now they are able to run windows. They were quite popular in the 80's and early '90s however towards the mid '90s they had fallen out of favour and were probably only saved by the fact that they are the standard computers used by graphics artists. In the late '90s Macs were revived when the iMac was released, this was possibly down to its unusual design and small foot print.

Steve Jobs and his Wondrous Wonder Machine! Edit

In the '90s, the Macintosh poked forth as an easy to use OPS; and to this day, small fat children who whine every day for that new XBOX 360 whine about the small amount of "Gaming Ability" on the Mac.

Simple to useEdit

It's suspected that most Mac used to have a lower IQ than PC users, evidence for this is that they couldn't grasp the concept of a mouse with more than one button. You mention this to a Mac use and they will probably say something like "Oh a right click messes with the interface, one button makes it simpler" of course people don't care how simple it is, its slower. Exactly how simple do you need it to be if another button on the mouse bothers you.


In 1998 Apple also did something else stupid, they removed floppy disk drives from new iMacs because they were old fashioned, this was true, but that is all most people had access to in 1998 because Sony were to dumb to make cheap Minidisc drives.

See Apple Inc.

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