Madonna and Tony Ward

Madonna with Tony Ward.

Madonna is a singer, actress and former sex symbol. She sings songs and displays her youthful body. Although she is over 50 she looks and acts like a teenage girl. Information is hard to obtain as to whether or not she had plastic surgery. The name Madonna is a deliberate take on Mary, mother of Jesus. Well Mary mother of Jesus was supposedly a virgin.

Virgins and whores have one thing in common. Neither has a stable physical relationship with one single man. Therefore whores are sometimes ironically called virgins. We don't know for sure if Madonna is a virgin, a whore or in one/several relationships. Madonna gives the strong impression that she has had sex. She dated David Blaine.

Naughty MadonnaEdit

Madonna texted during a cinema performance and has been banned from that cinema chain. [1]

Sociological implicationsEdit

Madonna is extremely successful despite her deliberate use of religious terms which Christians will see as blasphemous. This would have been impossible up to the end of the first half of the 20th Century. In some sections of western society opposition to religion is increasingly tolerated. Other sections of society, notably the Bible Belt of the United States and Conservapedia are increasingly intolerant.


  1. Madonna STILL Banned From Cinema After She 'Wouldn't Stop Texting' During Film

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