A physical map of Maine

Maine is the northernmost state in mainland US and is famous for lobsters. It is home to the Bush family plantation the Summer residence of George H W Bush and his family, yet Mainers spit upon the limo when the bushes arrive. George W. Bush got done for drunk driving while he was visiting that family home.

This is the 1976 Maine police document recording the arrest of George W. Bush for driving under the influence of alcohol. Bush, who was 30 at the time,was popped over the Labor Day weekend near his family's Kennebunkport summer home. Bush pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor DUI charge, paid a $150 fine, and had his driving privileges briefly revoked in the state of Maine. The arrest record card was released November 2 by Kennebunkport police. The Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles also released this summary of Bush's DUI conviction. (2 pages) [1]

Maine is not to be confused with the word "main", or the word "mane".

There is one Republican Senator in this state, but Susan Collins happens to be the least bad Republican Senator currently serving. They also have an Independent senator, Angus King.

Maine also has a very strong Green Party and many moderate Republicans and conservative democrats. Despite this most of Maine independents are liberal so Maine is in some ways a liberal state.

Presidential Elections Edit

In terms of Presidential Elections, Maine is a leaning-blue swing state. Maine has voted Democrat in every election since 1992.

All states have a certain amount of Congressional Districts based on their population, with each Congressional District representing one electoral vote. Every state MUST have at least one Congressional District. Every state, regardless of size and population, has two senators, with each senator representing an electoral vote. Therefore, every state gets at least 3 electoral votes. Washington D.C. does not have any senators, but still has 3 electoral votes. California has the most electoral votes, with 55. The total amount of electoral votes added up is 538. 48 of the 50 states in the union use a winner-take-all method, where the candidate with the most votes in the state combined captures all of the electoral votes.

The remaining two, however, award electoral votes based on who wins congressional districts. Maine is one of these states (the other being Nebraska). Maine has two congressional districts, plus two senators giving them 4 electoral votes (Nebraska has three Congressional Districts plus the two senators, giving them 5 electoral votes). The statewide winner wins two electoral votes (the ones representing the senate) in both Maine and Nebraska. The remaining electoral votes are decided on who wins each Congressional District.

In 2008, Barack Obama won Nebraska's 2nd Congressional District, while McCain won the 1st and 3rd. Obama was ultimately awarded 1 electoral vote in Nebraska due to his 2nd CD victory, while McCain was awarded 4 electoral votes for winning the statewide vote and the other 2 CDs. In 2016, Donald Trump won Maine's 2nd Congressional District, but Clinton statewide vote along with the 1st Congressional District. Trump was awarded 1 electoral vote for his 2nd Congressional District victory, while Clinton was awarded 3 electoral votes for winning the statewide vote and the 1st Congressional District.

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