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Jason Unruhe

Maoist Rebel News is a channel on YouTube run by Jason Unruhe, who lives in Canada. His videos come from a Communist and Marxist perspective. He adheres to the Maoist branch of communism.

North KoreaEdit

Unruhe is a supporter of North Korea. He has a series of videos titled "Defend DPRK Week" on his YouTube channel. He claims that North Korea is a Democracy, and has a video of what appear to be elections taking place in North Korea. [1] Here's what the UK Newspaper, The Independent has to say about the latest election in North Korea.

The North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been unanimously re-elected (…) after every single eligible person in his constituency turned out to vote – with only his name on the ballot paper. (…) Rather than being a democratic choice between candidates, (…) each ballot has a single named listed with the option to pick “yes” or “no”. [2]
Will anyone except a Brainwashed communist call that election free and fair?

Unruhe has also questioned the supposed cult of personality around Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il. [3]  Here's what the UK Television and Radio station, the BBC has to say about the personality cult in North Korea.

Along with the army, North Korea's media apparatus is perhaps the institution most responsible for keeping its leaders in power. It built powerful personality cults around both Kim Jong-il and his father and is now beginning to do the same with his son and successor, Kim Jong-un. It is a myth-making factory that, for most of its audience, is their only source of news. [4]

Here's what the UK Newspaper, The Guardian has to say about the the personality cult and also the reality in North Korea.

The [Korean] state news agency, KCNA, carries a stream of absurd praise for the three Kims, all the way to reports of spontaneous natural miracles in their honour. But this is all underpinned by tragedy on an unimaginable scale. The near religious personality cult surrounding the Kims is central to an all-encompassing system of indoctrination. It’s not amusing. It’s a manifestation of a truly horrible mindset that keeps 25 million people in virtual slavery. Deviate in any way from the official doctrine and you and your family, even your descendants, can end up inside North Korea’s vast, secretive and unimaginably horrible network of prison camps. The UN report on the human rights situation in North Korea earlier this year contained almost unreadable details of life for the estimated 80,000-120,000 political prisoners. One former inmate told the panel his duties involved burning the bodies of those who had starved to death and using the remains as fertiliser. Another watched a female prisoner forced by guards to drown her newborn baby in a bucket because it was presumed to have a Chinese father. [5]

Open-mindedness and censorshipEdit

Some of the things he says should be taken With a grain of salt, but he is still worth looking into. Democracies generally claim People should have the right to Free speech, a right denied in North Korea. Still there are limits to free speech, hate speech, incitement to racial hatred, incitement to comit crime, Holocaust denial slander, libel and other forms of bad speech are illegal in many legal systems. RationalWiki suggests that Unruhe is denying the extent of Stalinist Genocide which is a bit similar to holocaust denial. [6] People will never all agree where the limits to free speech should be.

In his videos, Unruhe makes an attempt to back up the points that he makes, and has claimed to know individuals from the DPRK. We should keep in mind that the Western view of communism could have easily been shaped by Western propaganda, and that we should attempt to judge people, nations, and ideologies impartially.

Free speech and a wide exposure to a range of different ideas is what create rationality. With exposure to a range of differing ideas, people can learn to weigh the different ideas and impartially decide what ideas are the most rational. Perhaps it's better simply to point out that Unruhe is wrong.


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