Mark Allen Shouldice
IMG 20160203 234100
Mr. Dice
Political Party: None
Education: California State University
Occupation Author & Conspiracy theorist
Born Unknown

Mark "Roll The" Dice is another weird conspiracy theorist who thinks that 9/11 was a government inside job, & that the Illuminati card game predicted the 2015 Baltimore riots & other world events.

Dice is an extreme Conservative Christian who buys into the Religious Right, Homophobia, Anti-semitism and general Racism. Dice imagines the New World Order are out to destroy Christianity and build a Socialist world government with a Left wing Antichrist. [1]

Dice has Dice powers


Dice has been labeled sexist for joking that Megyn Kelly had fake eyelashes during a Fox News debate. Dice insists he wasn't criticising Kelly, rather he blamed Fox for requiring her to wear them. [2]

Football ConspiracyEdit

Dice hates Football & believes it is for Morons.[3]

Alex Jones feudEdit


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