About Mark Fiore Edit

Mark Fiore, who the Wall Street Journal recently called “the undisputed guru of the form,” creates animated political cartoons from an undisclosed location somewhere in San Francisco. His work appears regularly in a wide variety of online news web sites and is seen by millions, probably even scrillions.

After a short stint at the San Jose Mercury News as their staff cartoonist creating traditional political cartoons in a terribly stifling fluorescent windowless office, Fiore happily fled the print world in 2001 to devote all of his energies to creating animated work.

Mark Fiore was awarded a Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award and has also received an Online Journalism Award from the Online News Association and the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism. With two awards from the National Cartoonists Society for his work in new media under his belt, Fiore also seems to excel at writing in the third person.

About Edit

Once just the home for Mark Fiore’s animated political cartoons, is now much more than a traditional website. Now you can comment on a particular cartoon, discuss issues with other site visitors, or with Mark Fiore, and become more active in the entire site.

Visitors and members of can also phone in with their own opinions and rants—which will be promptly posted on the "Shout Back!" section of the site as audio files for others to hear!

One of the most exciting new features of the site is “Do Something!” Watch for the “Do Something!” link below select cartoons or just check out the “Do Something!” page, where you’ll find ways to turn cartoons into action. Why just get angry at the government while watching a cartoon that highlights the plight of Walter Reed patients? Now you can find the resources to volunteer, donate and make a difference. now has updating news feeds from major news outlets so you can stay up to date on the world’s craziness throughout the day. And if you ever wondered what goes into a Mark Fiore animation, just click on the “more info” link below the animation to access the specific news stories and editorials that spawned the cartoon.

Of course, if you just want to watch cartoons, don’t worry. You can still do that! Only now, you can watch them full-screen and sort the cartoons by subject matter in the cartoon browser.

The store has also expanded to include prints from select animations, and the new “Satire Club” gives you an opportunity to get the DVD of your choice and monthly goodies from Mark Fiore.

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