Martin Van Buren
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Mr. Van Buren
Political Party: Democratic-Republican Party (1799–1828)

Democratic (1828–48; 1852–62) Free Soil (1848–52)

Profession: Lawyer, politician
Religion Dutch Reformed
Born December 5, 1782
Died July 24, 1862 (aged 79)

Martin Van Buren (December 5, 1792-July 24, 1862) was, like Andrew Jackson, one of the chief founders of the original Democratic Party. The Democratic Party of back then is similar to the Republican Party of today, in that it was socially conservative. He was fat, bald, and ignorant, and how he lived to be almost 70 in his era, I'll never know. I mean, McDonalds didn't even exist back then for Christ's sake! How did he get so fat? Must have been the British ....always obsessed with stoutness back then...

Ahem, anyway, he was like his predecessor Andrew Jackson, and future presidents Warren G. Harding, James K. Polk, Franklin Pierce,  and George W. Bush in that he was racist against all non-white business lords. He supported the Panic of 1837 because he was too rich to be affected by it, and he supported the "state's right" of Slavery, scoring high amongst The South.

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