In the same way that women should be protected from exploitation by men, men should be protected from exploitation by women. We should have a society of gender equality wherever this is reasonable, where there is no exploitation. Misandry can be bad though misogyny usually does more harm since men usually have more power and can more effectively abuse power.

Men have issues on which they are treated differently and some people think unfairly. These issues include domestic violence, selective services, jail time, and child custody rights. Women are probably inherently better suited than men to do the bulk of child rearing and it may be better if society and the legal system allow for this.

Many Feminists recently have been called Hypocrites because they do not stand up for men's rights. However, many feminists do bring up these topics as they are sexist against both genders. However' some do not. Some feminists even claim that misandry does not exist.

The name "feminism" is controversial, if it is meant to mean gender equality. Treating the sexes equally shouldn't mean treating both sexes the same way. The sexes are different, have different abilities and a sensible system takes account of this.

The word "feminism" refers to females, whereas gender equality should represent both.

I didn't write all of this, it was originally in the Feminism article where it didn't fit well. I kept it in the interest of Free speech.

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