Mercury element

Liquid mercury

Mercury is an extremely toxic heavy metal. It is produced as a waste product in huge factories, often owned by rich, greedy conservative businessman. The mercury is then discharged from the factory and released into nature without any regard for human health or animal or plant life.

Mercury is used to make light-bulbs, which is why they need to be recycled properly and not simply thrown in the bin, especially in areas where domestic waste is incinerated. The best incinerators can remove 50% of heavy metals from their smoke plume so light-bulbs that are thrown out are a major source of mercury pollution.

Mercury in hatsEdit

Mercury was used in making hats during the mid 1700s until the mid 1800s centuries. People who made or wore these hats suffered from symptoms of Mercury poisoning such as tremors, emotional disturbance, insomnia, dementia and Hallucinations.

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