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Michael Rubens Bloomberg
20160322 024208
Mr. Bloomberg
Political Party: Democratic (Before 2001)

Republican (2001–2007) Independent (2007–present)

Education: Johns Hopkins University (B.S.)

Harvard Business School (MBA)

Religion Reform Judaism
Born February 14, 1942

Michael Rubens Bloomberg is the former Mayor of New York City after 9/11, that awesome liberal stronghold in New York State.

He was a Democrat (good) for all his life up until running for mayor as a Republican (bad), because he couldn't be bothered to fend off other Democrats in the primaries (lazy).

The trouble was he was pro-choice, anti-death penalty, pro-immigration, pro-stem cell research, and generally un-Republican. So he left the Gas, Oil, and Petrol party to become an Independent (good if they legislate like a liberal).

He's also the eighth richest person in America, which means he is fiscally conservative (bad). He also got the NY legislature to ignore the term limit so he could run again, wich is not democratic. He has some socially liberal positions, but he also has many conservative positions. He supports New York's strict, draconian drug laws, was a strong advocate of the War in Iraq, endorsed George W. Bush in the 2004 U.S. Presidential Election, and has defended Stop and Frisk, which has been criticized by many liberals for leading to racial profiling. He won re-election in 2009 by less than 5%, as a Independent, however he was endorsed by the Republican party which didn't allow anyone to run for their nomination and backed Bloomberg. He also pumped Millions of his own money into his campaign giving him a unfair advantage.

Bill de Blasio has been elected to replace Bloomberg (good).

2016 runEdit

Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg

Could Michael Bloomburg run for president in 2016? Various news outlets speculated he might run for president.[1] He has until March 1 2016 to decide [2] so we'll know soon. Rupert Murdoch wants Bloomburg to take on Donald Trump. Possible, speculative reasons include:

  1. Murdoch may want to spoil the cozy relationship between Bloomberg and Trump who used to be buddies.
  2. Murdoch may be pissed off because Trump refused to take part in a debate his empire organised.
  3. Murdoch may hope Bloomberg will take more votes from Hillary Clinton than from Trump.
  4. Murdoch may feel three very Rich men with Billions is more exciting than just one.
  5. But then again Murdoch may be doing this so he can get higher rating for his Right Wing Fox News. [3] [4]

On March 7 2016 Bloomburg announced that he would not seek a presidental run.[5] But we still have Trump to worry about!!!!


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