Michael Bernard Mukasey
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Mr. Mukasey
Political Party: Republican
Education: Columbia University (BA)

Yale Law School (LL.B)

Religion Modern Orthodox Judaism
Born July 28, 1941

Michael Bernard Mukasey was Attorney General under George W. Bush from 2006 to 2009 and a Conservative. It seems he couldn't understand that waterboarding is torture or that wire tapping infringes Civil liberties. [1] Go back to school Michael and learn English. He also defened Dubya's post-9/11 actions.

Mukasey was better than many conservatives in one way, he insisted a suspect has a right to a Lawyer. [2]


Mukasey's partial support of wiretapping and torture doesn't fit the standard Stereotype Anti-semites imagine about bad Jews perfectly. Still the fit is close enough that Anti-semites can feel their prejudices have been confirmed. [3] No Jew is a perfect Human being. Nobody of any ethnicity is a perfect Human being.

Let's not forget.

  1. Who was untimately responsible for all the bad things that the Bush Administration did?
  2. George W. Bush was ultimately responsible and he is a WASP, that means a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant.

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  • Mickey Mouse Also frequently gets things wrong. Mickie Mouse is never clever while Mukasey is sometimes clever.


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  2. Bush’s Justice Dept. Pick Is Orthodox Jew
  3. Evil Jew

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