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Microsoft is an evil software company founded by Bill Gates, who have a monopoly on the operating system business. Microsoft applications have a way of taking over your computer when you least expect it to perform some operation without asking for permission first. Microsoft also feels it has to increase the size and add incredibly lame "features" to their programs to justify selling a new "upgrade" every six months or so.

Upgrades can come free from the Internet. It’s not quite free though. Upgrades will gradually clog up the RAM of your computer's hard drive. Then you must, clear them out, pay to upgrade your computer or buy a new one. In computers that ordinary people can afford the computer's hard drive that stores pictures, data etc is massive, about 80 gigabytes. It’s far bigger than most people are likely to need. The physical RAM memory of the computer that handles what’s needed to run the computer is typically 1 to 2 gigabytes and much smaller. Most modern games, antivirus/firewall programs, music files, movie files and graphics applications, made for this operating system are RAM hogs, using both physical RAM memory and hard drive space. That forces you to pay for upgrades or do without improvements.

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