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Monsanto is a corporation with a culture of irresponsibility in many areas. It has a plethora of nasty technologies such as seeds that commit suicide so that the farmer has to keep buying seeds every year (or they force people to buy seeds with written contracts). They buy up good small companies, in hopes of getting a monopoly.

Free speechEdit

Monsanto and Fox News together got reporters sacked for telling the truth about health hazards including the risk of cancer that arise from using some Monsanto products.

"Every parent and every consumer has the right to know what they're pouring on their children's morning cereal. We set out to tell Florida consumers the truth about a giant chemical company and a powerful dairy lobby. That used to be something investigative reporters won awards for. As we've learned the hard way, it's something you can be fired for these days..." [1]

Toxic carpetsEdit

You really want to be sure that cozy carpet you have in your living room or in your bedroom is safe don’t you? You want to be sure there are no chemicals on that carpet that can damage your health or the health of others in your family. Well Monsanto developed toxic chemicals that were put into carpets and even some EPA employees working on the carpets became sick. Rosalind Anderson, a scientist with a good reputation found out that the carpets were toxic and bravely published the information. Dr Anderson knew the carpet industry wouldn’t like her results but she felt it was her duty to warn people who were using those dangerous carpets.

It seems Monsanto tried to discredit Rosalind Anderson and ruin her career just because she dared to tell the truth. Basically Monsanto and the carpet industry set out to discredit Dr Rosalind Anderson although her research was sound and others had duplicated her results. Here’s what she said afterwards.

"The attacks we've had from industry have been vicious and clearly show the issues are not technical, they're political. Still, if I'd seen the same toxicity, I'd have had to act on it. I couldn't have lived with myself if I'd have tried to cover it up knowing that real lives were at stake. If there's one thing I've learned in all my years of toxicity testing, it's that when you have the bad luck of finding really serious data, you have to follow it through to the very end." [2]

If you say the truth about Monsanto they may set out to destroy you. There’s more here, Monsanto Corporation - Page 8


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