Multiculturalism is an appreciation for the enrichment that different traditions and cultures can bring to society. It is due in part to society's willingness to accept the culture of immigrants but also to immigrants' willingness to accept the culture of the land to which they have come. Note that a multicultural society does not necessarily yield multiculturalism.

Multiculturalism can also be seen as exploitation of the native culture by a foreign one creating cheap labor for businesses.

In the United StatesEdit

Multiculturalism in the United States works because various cultures have been able to unite over the common vision of democracy, freedom, equality, tolerance, and the American Dream.

In EuropeEdit

Challenges to multiculturalism in Europe include friction between Liberal Western and Muslim cultures. Because of Islam's religious nature and its restrictions, Muslims are often unwilling to integrate as much into western liberal culture as other immigrants.


Critics claim that multiculturalism promotes a tolerance of moral relativism. They further claim that it results in a loss of national identity. In addition, in the United Kingdom it has been used to justify mass immigration leading to housing issues and overpopulation.

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