Mumbai used to be called Bombay and is a city in India. Mumbai is the most important financial centre in India and is one of the largest cities on planet Earth with 15 million inhabitants. Some people living in Mumbai are rich, powerful and fortunate while others are desperately poor. People come to Mumbai to make money, rich people have corporate offices there while poor people scratch a living selling things like chapattis. The world is an unjust place.

Mumbai was originally a group of islands where fishing families and some Buddhist monks lived but since then land reclamation has created one low lying land mass.

By the end of the 21st Century rising sea levels could threaten Mumbai but for the moment there are good investment opportunities there.

References and External linksEdit

  • Mumbai on the net This site has a link with information about investment opportunities in Mumbai. If you are in business or have a position in a company where you can affect investment decisions you may be able to help your company and also help the Third world.
  • The Mumbai Pages

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