NACALT or "Not all Conservatives are like that" means that there are many views that conservatives generally have, many of which are irrational, bigoted, or silly. However, you're bound to find conservatives or groups of conservatives that don't hold on to such views, or hold on to them differently. Sometimes conservative beliefs contradict themselves, such as those of neocons and paleocons.

On Liberapedia, we may generalize some views as being conservative, such as homophobia and anti-abortion, although there are conservatives that don't fit such a bill. Since there is no view that all conservatives agrees on, we should try to use common sense on what most conservatives believe (or claim to believe) before claiming an article is being unfair.

It gets more confusing when you factor in conservatives from different countries.

When a conservative tries to refute this, it becomes no true conservative.

Prime ExamplesEdit

These conservatives often

a. Don't have mainstream conservative beliefs, and wouldn't fit in many categories. b. Don't have mainstream conservative beliefs, but their beliefs are often portrayed that way

  • Atheist Conservatives
  • Gay Conservatives
  • Constitutionalists (States rights advocates)
  • Crunchy Conservatives
  • Teabaggers

External LinksEdit

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