Nancy Ann Grace
20151208 054804
Nancy Grace
Occupation: Political commentator, television personality, former prosecutor
Education: Valdosta State University

Mercer University (BA, JD) New York University (LLM)

Religion Christainy
Born October 23, 1959

Nancy Ann Grace is the host of two shows on CourtTV who has allegedly committed lewd acts of zoophilia. During an episode of The Daily Show earlier this year, anchor Jon Stewart formally accused Grace of raping puppies on the evening of April 14, 2007. "Nancy Grace isn't in tonight... She's out raping puppies!" he said following a video montage about her musings on the Duke rape case. And then as the camera pulled away, Stewart stood up and shouted, "HEY! YOU CAN'T PROVE SHE WASN'T!!!" Grace and her representatives have not disputed Stewart's accusation of puppy rape. Grace utilizes the conservative party's main method of disagreement. This tactic is known as the "ALALALA CANT HEAR YOU" approach. When any individual unfortunate enough to appear on the show contradicts the opinion of Grace, he/she/it is promptly separated from their microphone feed. This assures viewers that any ragtag scraps of common sense of fairness never reach their sensitive, sheltered eyes.


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