Nancy Reagan
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Nancy Reagan
Political Party: Republican
Education: Smith College
Religion Presbyterian
Born July 6, 1921
Died March 6, 2016 (aged 94)

Nancy Reagan (July 6, 1921 – March 6, 2016) was a former First Lady of the United States who was married to the dope named Ronald Reagan.

After her 2016 death it was revealed that Nancy was a very demanding person & she would not even let her husband eat his mac 'n' cheese.[1]

White House ChinaEdit

Even though the economy was bad, she allowed White House guests to enjoy minor, unimportant revelries during dinner by ordering a new, fancy set of china.

"Just Say No!"Edit

398px-Nancy Reagan Red Room 1981

Nancy Reagan.

As first lady she campaigned against illegal drugs.  Her slogan was, "Just say No."  The idea is that if somebody offers you drugs, you should, "just say no."  This just say no thing turned into a nationwide campaign.  There were "Just Say No" clubs at schools and a "Say no to Drugs Week" created in 1986. 

Her press secretary said, "She got on an airplane and hardly ever came back to the White House.  he was on the road month after month…She invited the press to come with her. She took the camera that you were shining on her and turned it around and focused it on a cause – one she could do something about.” [2] While that may seem amazing, plenty of other first ladies do that, with Michelle Obama's  Let's Move and Barbara Bush talking about reading.  Hillary Clinton was an important adiviser to Bill and headed a panel on Health Care Reform.  Even though Health Care Reform didn't happen until Barack Obama stepped in, she was probably making a more sizable impact.

You Should Also Say No to...Edit

In addition to drugs, you should also make sure to say "no" to these things:


Reagan kisses Nancy after swearing in 1985

They almost did this to much.

"They never took each other for granted. They never stopped courting.[3]"

Nancy and Ronald were always one of those really obsessive couples: they'd always be holding hands or kissing or acting like they were in their twenties and thirties and dating.  Which probably goes for the rest of life: Ronald was about as good a president as any random thirty-something from Hollywood.  


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