When the Democratic-Republican party split apart in 1824, different groups split up into different places. In 1825, the liberals followed John Quincy Adams and formed the National-Republican Party. The Democratic Party was formed in 1828, and was, ironically, composed of the conservatives amongst the former Democratic-Republicans.

Back then, the word "Republican" actually refered to Republicanism, or "freedom of the individual". It also opposed slavery, because it was evil and immoral. UNfortunately, the then conservative Democrats made a mockery of the National Republicans in the 1828 elections, and southern redneck Andrew Jackson was elected. The party was also considered too liberal for the general public at the time, because the general public was afraid of the South. So, the party lasted from 1825-1835, only ten years.

In 1834, it was replaced with the economic party, the Whigs. The Whigs had both liberals and conservatives, so they fell apart twenty-two years later, in 1856, because liberals and conservatives just don't get along. Ever.

Legacy of the National Republican PartyEdit

Because of how liberal it was, Abraham Lincoln supported it as a youth. Later on, the Republican Party was created in tribute to it. It was originally intended as the liberal party advocated for human rights and the abolition of slavery. Unfortunately, when Lincoln and the Free-Soilers created it in 1854, they had no idea what would happen to it in just 55 years. The Republicans were the liberals and justicars of America from 1854-1908, when conservative fatso William Howard Taft spread anti-progressive fearmongering against Theodore Roosevelt and transformed it into what it is today. Thus, the Democrats became the liberal party in 1912, when Woodrow Wilson, a progressive and a friend of Rosevelt's, was elected president.

Remains of this once liberal or at least moderate party remained until the 1960s, with the last Republican who wasn't an evil neocon being Dwight D. Eisenhower. Rest in peace, National-Republican Party, and try to remember yourselves as the freedom supporters you used to be, rather than the evil Satan worshipping cult you are now.

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