This part of the article is serious.

A neologism is, in general, a newly-invented word that isn't generally accepted yet. The term was first used in English in 1734. [1]

Neologisms are often created when a new technology is created or becomes popular, or when a certain political context becomes better known.

Conservative neologismsEdit

Well we know this exaggerates but there's an element of truth.

Sometimes neologisms are accidentally created by intellectually challenged Conservatives who lack the ability to speak properly. Examples are numerous and come from several eras, most notably George W Bush who has 'added' several words to the English dictionary, see Bushism. In the 1920s Warren Harding also made up words, his campaign was based on a return to 'normalcy' a word which he made up and has since been added to the dictionary to hide his and his party's incompetence.


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