A map of Nepal.

Nepal is a mountainous nation in Asia with roughly 28-31 Million inhabitants. Nepal borders China to the north, and India to the south. Mt. Everest is located here. There are high mountains in Nepal but there are also fertile areas with Forest and agriculture.

Poverty is widespread, half the people are poor and a third are extremely poor. Nepal suffered a devastating Earthquake in 2015 and lack of infrastructure hampered relief efforts. Nepalese who rank low in the Hindu caste system and Nepalese who belong to less privileged ethnicity are more frequently poor and Illiterate than Nepalese in more fortunate positions. Before the earthquake poverty was declining in Nepal.

Nepali is spoken, and Hinduism is the main religion though Buddhism is also practised. The Nepalese Monarchy was finally abolished in 2007 and Nepal is now a Parliamentary democracy.

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