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NephilimFree is an ignorant Creationist. NephilimFree is a Geocentrist, he doesn't believe the Earth spins, NephilimFree imagines the Universe spins round the Earth. [1] That's right folks, NephilimFree believes what people used to believe before Galileo in the Middle Ages. Should we rename him CommonsenseFree?

The "debate" with Donexodus2Edit

NephilimFree had a conflict with Donexodus2, where Donexodus suggested that we have Thunderf00t as the moderator, Nephilim said no, he rather have ShockOfGod, a person that rants on his motorcycle, and is a fundimentalist. So while Don was hosting a LeagueOfReason episode, the debate was supposed to happen, so Nephilim Got mad, and we suspect Nephilimfree wasn't entirely truthful. [2]


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  2. RationalWiki on DonExodus2

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