How scary the New World Order really is!

New World Order means a World Government. Well, that could be a good thing. At least it would stop wars and the Nuclear threat? No! it wouldn’t even do that. Terrorists could get nuclear weapons. A world Government could be a good thing If only it were a Democratic government.

The trouble is Neocons want a New World Order dominated by the United States. The rest of the world wouldn’t have much democratic say. (It doesn't have much say anyway) the U.N. doesn't have very much power. Ironically, said neocons claim that liberals want a totalitarian New World Order & that they did 9/11, 7/7, Sandy Hook Shooting The November 2015 Paris Attacks & many other disasters that been called false flags.

Taking over the worldEdit


There are many claims that particular groups are conspiring to take over the World. Many of these claims are clearly crazy and over the top. They are not all over the top. Adolf Hitler planned to take over the world, fortunately he was stopped. There are many different groups in the world who think their group is superior and has the right to rule the world. Sorting out which are the real conspiracies and which are the crazy, outrageous claims is quite tricky, see Conspiracy theory.


We should try not to be paranoid. We should try not to appease people like Hitler and Al-Qaeda, either.

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