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Nick Griffin is a conservative activist and leader of the fascist party in the UK, the BNP. Conservapedia praises his anti-Islamic sentiments. He was a member of the National Front. He was invited to join the BNP, by a founder John Tyndall. Griffin's leadership of the BNP has been challenged since the party started to do badly at elections. [1]

In 2012 Griffin was accused of trying to get his supporters to harass a gay couple. [2]

He has been accused of hate crimes, repeatedly.

One very flattering opinionEdit

Sometimes the sillier Conservatives can't even tell when we're joking.

He is a fucking piece of **** who has no bollocks and has the face of pig run over by a steamroller. He is a worthless piece of **** and should go die in a horrible fucking concentration camp like his fellow Nazis forced the Jews to do in WW II. The Nazis will never be the leading party, you inconceivably ugly, ****. Nuff Said.


  1. BNP divisions exposed as Andrew Brons resigns
  2. Gay couple hit back at 'idiot' Nick Griffin;Nick Griffin posts address of B&B case gay couple online

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