Nigel Paul Farage
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Chairman Farage
Political party: Conservative (Before 1993)

UK Independence Party (1993–present)

Religion: Anglicanism
Born April 3 1964

Farage failed because enough people recognised that the limit of his capabilities was channelling anger, not crafting solutions. (...) Farage didn’t merely fail to land a killer blow on Cameron, he did the prime minister a favour (and not just by taking votes from Labour). He marked out a boundary of civilised conservative politics and stood on the wrong side. He indulged cranks, obsessives and racists, many of whom would otherwise have been contaminating the Tory ticket. [1]

Nigel Paul Farage is the former leader of the British party commonly known as UKIP and oposes the UK being in the European Union.

Farage's car wheels were apparently sabotaged in a assassination attempt.[2]


  1. The Ukip leader has boosted the prime minister by indulging those who would stain the Tory brand

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