Non-sequitir is a Latin term which literally translates as "is does not follow." It is a conversational piece where a point or statement made by someone does not follow from or relate to a previous point or statement made.

Humour Edit

Non-sequitir's are frequently used as a form of comedy - in TV shows, films, or stand-up - either by uttering an unusual phrase or similie:

"She'll be all over you - like a flannel!" - The Mighty Boosh

Or by completely cutting away to something irrelevant from the main point.

"This is more irresponsible than giving a monkey the keys to an amusement park!" - One of the many Family Guy non-sequiturs.

Conservapedia Edit

On Conservapedia, site founder Andy Schlafly frequently pulls non-sequitur's out of his arse thin air when he finds himself fighting a losing debate with others. Because of the popular use of non-sequitur's in humour, many critics of Conservapedia find this tactic of using irrelevant statements to throw off dissenters on Conservapedia hilarious in demonstrating how pathetic Andrew Schlafly is and the weakness of his arguments in general.

Here we're parodying Conservapedia and we know we're exaggerating.

Example of Schlafly type Non-sequitur:-

  1. I don't agree with you.
  2. Therefore you are a Liberal, Atheist, Muslim, all three combined.

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