Certain local Canadaian communities in the 1900's put the Eskimo and Inuit kids into (mostly church run) boarding schools where they rarely saw their parents. It went on into the 30's, when they finally stopped it. Many kids suffered physical and Sexiual abuse. Many kids died through abuse or neglect. The aftereffects of those schools still cause some native Canadians economic, emotional, health and social trouble in the 21st Century.

There is a call for review of child welfare for native Canadian children as there is still abuse and neglect. [1]

Similar abuses happened in the United States of America where Native American children were taken forcibly from their parents and taught Christianity. Punishments were harsh, children were made to work long hours and as in Canada suffered physical and sexual abuse. As in Canada childhood abuse still affects many adults today. [2] Abuses are still ongoing. [3]


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