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The Bush administration's No Child Left Behind program (which is unfunded and therefore technically leaves children behind) and Clear Skies Initiative (which weakens anti-pollution regulations and therefore technically makes skies less clear) are often cited as examples of Orwellian policies [1]


Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell

Orwellianism is a type of fictional totalitarian future government that is featured in George Orwell’s books, incidentally George Orwell was a Socialist or Social Democrat.

Orwellianism is often incorrectly used as a scare tactic by Republicans who think that this government is synonymous with socialism, this is sometimes called Red baiting. Some key aspects of Orwellianism are a brainwashed populace, secret (and almost constant) surveillance, a policing organization with absolute authority, constant stream of misinformation, constant war, faltering economies, limited freedom, and unevenly distributed wealth. Sound familiar?

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  1. Orwellian

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