Ozone is a molecule consisting of three (3) oxygen atoms. It is a pale blue gas at room temperature, with a distinctive chlorine-like scent, most humans can detect it at 0.01 ppm. Exposure of 0.1 to 1 ppm produces headaches, burning eyes, and irritation to the respiratory passages.

Ozone in the atmosphereEdit

The highest levels of ozone are contained in the stratosphere (10-50 km above the surface). Ozone filters out photons with less than 320 nm wavelengths, also known as ultraviolet waves or UV waves. These rays play a large part in the development of skin cancer. Ironically, these same rays are an essential part of Vitamin D production.

Helpful and harmfulEdit

Ozone in the upper atmosphere is helpful to us as it filters out ultraviolet light, ozone that we breathe in the lower atmosphere is harmful. We don’t need Vitamin D from sunlight provided we are getting enough from our food though Vitamin D that we produce from sunlight can help us. It’s good if we aim at a balance, enough sunlight to help produce Vitamin D but not so much that we risk skin cancer.

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