Parental Guidance is a Conservative Film, which mocks Liberal parenting by putting in a negative view. The parents are nurturing their Kids, giving them the love and support they need. However the Grandparents are opposed to all of this. At first the grandfather, Artie is opposed to his grandson having an imaginary friend, because he thinks his imaginary friend is bossing him around, also tells his grandson to stand up against a bully, and as a result gets a black eye. The kid should have just told a teacher he was getting bullied, and have them resolve the issue. Artie then causes a problem at his grandson's Baseball game, where they have an established a fair rule, where nobody wins or loses, and they don't stop till the guy gets on base. Artie is opposed to this and makes a scene embrassing both and his grandson. The grandmother is not that great either, she lets her granddaughter dress up in a pretty dress, and tells her that she doesn't have to play violia if she doesn't want to, depsite her potiental. Later the grandfather almost spanks his grandson in front of everyone, by doing that he gives him the idea that violence is okay, and breaks up the trust between a kid and an adult.

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