Patrick Joseph Buchanan
20151017 143755
Mr. Buchanan
Political Party: Republican (1960s–1999, 2004–present)

Reform (19992002)

Education: Georgetown University (B.A.)

Columbia University (M.A.)

Religion Roman Catholicism
Born November 2, 1938

Patrick Joseph "Pat" Buchanan is a hugely conservative bigot who makes John McCain look like a far-left activist. Yes, that's how conservative he is.

Race Issue - To him, every black person who has ever not been a paleo-conservative is a racist.

The Confederate flag - He admires the confederate flag immensely.

Immigration - He is against ALL immigration. Yes, every bit.

Russia He thinks God is now on the side of Russia. [1]

He says that Donald Trump supporters do not look Like The Beautiful People.[2]


  1. Pat Buchanan claims GOD is on Russia's side and that Moscow is the 'third Rome'

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