Patrick Henry
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Mr. Henry
Political party: Anti-Federalist

Anti-Administration Federalist

Profession: planter


religion Christian?[1]
Born May 29, 1736
Died June 6, 1799 (aged 63)

Patrick Henry (May 29, 1736 – June 6, 1799) was an American attorney, planter and politician who became known as an orator during the movement for independence in Virginia in the 1770s. A Founding Father, he served as the first and sixth post-colonial Governor of Virginia, from 1776 to 1779 and from 1784 to 1786.[2]

He is also remembered for his quote "Give me liberty, or give me death!

Patrick Henry College, a Fundie School located in Purcellville, Virginia, was established in 2000.


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