[Newman] received two other Academy Awards, an oddly premature lifetime achievement award in 1985 and the Jean Herscholt award for his philanthropic work in 1993. It is possible that this work may outlive his other achievements. In 1982 he founded - initially as a modest venture - the company Newman's Own, producing products such as pasta sauces based on his own home recipes. He devoted the company's entire profits - around $250m to date - to causes throughout the world. Newman was actively concerned with some of the projects, including the Hole in the Wall Gang summer camps, devoted to underprivileged youngsters. He never gave up social concerns, and, in 1999, returned to the theatre in the two-hander Love Letters, where he and his wife raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to help land conservation in Connecticut. [1]

Paul Newman (January 26, 1925 – September 26, 2008) was an American actor, film director, entrepreneur, humanitarian and auto racing enthusiast, although he was best known for his acting, for which he won many awards, he also won many awards for driving.


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