There are many parallels between perpetual motion and racism despite the seemingly disparate topics.


Perpetual motion machine advocates believe in a Big Oil conspiracy is preventing competition for oil from perpetual motion machines, racists favor a Jewish conspiracy.

2nd law of thermodynamics Edit

Perpetual motion advocates believe that they can overcome the 1st/2nd law of thermodynamics. The 2nd law of thermodynamics forces entropy (disorder) to increase. For example, if a barrier is removed between nitrogen and oxygen, the gases will mix. Racial mixing is the human analogue to the gasses, humans will (and have) naturally mixed races until everyone is everything. Racists try to stop this.

Many southern Rednecks and other southerners who try and insist on the One drop rule have a little , gasp, African heritage themselves that they don't know about. See Skin pigmentation, biogeographical ancestry and admixture mapping. One drop rule: If there can be one drop of entropy decrease/energy increase, then the world can be changed as the 2nd law/1st law of thermodynamics was broken.

You can't unmix something that's mixed.


Perpetual motion advocates hope for a new world with everyone having unlimited energy. Racists want a private [their color] only society. In either case, the new society is an unrealistically peaceful utopia, because they imagine something impossible.


Perpetual motion advocates occasionally produce "proof" as someone famously claims something, then lets go the serious scientists on a wild goose chase. Racists present "proof" of racial inferiority by showing test scores, neglecting the fact that poverty closes up opportunities for learning.

Urgency Edit

Both communicate the sense of "do this now".

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