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Plate of Pizza
Type: Flatbread
Place of orgin: Naples, Campania, Italy
Main ingredients Dough, often tomato sauce, cheese
Serving Temperature Hot or Cold

Pizza is a food that became very popular in the United States and other Nations of the Western world. Pizza involves toppings on a Bread dough base.

Pizza can be healthy especially if it's made at home using wholemeal flour. Bought pizza from the Fast food industry likely has too much salt, too much fat and too much Saturated fat. If pizza is eaten to often this adds to the risk of Obesity. [1]

Foundings Edit

Pizza was a poor people's food originally! They used to get any bread and any tomatoes they had, and get mozzarella (cuz that was the cheapest cheese), and then cook it with any leftovers on top.


  1. The people who eat pizza every day

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