Political corruption is either the use of a government granted power to achieve benefit of an individual or group of individuals, or the refusal to perform a government mandated duty in order to benefit or harm an individual or group of individuals.

Government officers are granted limited privilege (powers, and in some cases exemptions from personal duties and liabilities), in order to perform their public duty. The public duties of government officers are intended to promote the welfare and safety of the general population and safeguard the rights of individuals and minority groups. These grants of privilege are entirely necessary and proper to ensure the functioning of governments. However, privilege granted to any man or group of men or women may be subject to misuse. It is the duty of every citizen and every government officer to carefully monitor the use of privilege, and prevent it's misuse.

"That no Man, or Set of Men are entitled to exclusive or seperate Emoluments or Privileges from the Community, but in Consideration of public Services; which not being descendible, or hereditary, the Idea of a Man born a Magistrate, a Legislator, or a Judge is unnatural and absurd" George Mason 1776

This is a first principle of Republicanism. It, of course refers to titles and nobility, but also refers to any privilege granted to individuals or groups. This first principle and it's application was well recognized and zealously enforced by our forefathers, but seems to have fallen into disuse.

Perhaps it has fallen into disuse in part because it was never truly enforced. The early compromises which allowed slavery and servitude may have initially weakened our resolve. Perhaps it was the consolidation of wealth and power which grew from our laxity in enforcing it which has accelerated it's abandonment. Whichever is the cause of our abandonment of this first principle, it's effects are all around us.

Examples of Political Corruption Edit

Partisan Corruption Edit

Cronyism Edit

Graft Edit

Judicial Corruption Edit

  • Profiling
  • Police Brutality
  • Preferential fines and monetary penalties
  • Evolution of Perpetual Limited Liability Companies

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