Political Parties are big groups of people who all pretend to agree on or at least somewhat agree on most important issues. In many countries there are only two political parties of much importants, one representing Liberals or Social Democrats and one represtening Conservatives.

Reason for two partiesEdit

Sometimes there are two parties because people of many kinds tend to think of us and them which becomes, “We’re right and they’re wrong.” Also with a First past the post voting system it is difficult for more than two parties to become big so voters and political activists tend to affiliate with the big party nearer to their views and compromise where there is disagreement.

Evil ConservativesEdit

We like some jokes in Liberapedia.

There are two parties because of a wildly successful plot by the conservatives to convince everyone in the world that every issue there could possibly be is totally black and white, and subsequently that morality is on their side. As ridiculous as that sounds, a huge number of people have bought into it worldwide. Occasionally other political parties pop up and make a play for power, but people mostly just ignore them.

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