We exaggerate just a little sometimes.

A Pansy: AKA, definition of those who try to be politically correct

To be politically correct is to publicly pretend to follow another political ideology as a way of not offending others--however, since it is impossible to endorse a political ideology without offending others since it is impossible to endorse any political ideology other than liberalism without offending anyone who matters, trying to act politically correct is in general, counterproductive and will end up offending someone anyway. Therefore, we should all just forget about pretending to follow other ideologies when it is obvious that everyone should just be liberal. Instead of being politically correct, it is a better idea to just assume that the people we are trying not to offend (who obviously must be conservatives) are veritable ..... who cannot be reasoned with, and to deal with them accordingly.

1st MoralEdit

Here we're parodying Conservapedia and we know we're exaggerating.

When facing someone with whom you disagree a ..... conservative, don't be afraid to verbally label him as such. Being politically correct will just piss both of you off. Better him than you, since you (the liberal) are obviously right.

2nd MoralEdit

Seriously people do sometimes take political correctness too far.


  • While most people think all politicians are at times, politically correct, in reality, just the conservatives are.
  • This wiki sure as hell isn't politically correct.

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