Pseudoliberals are people that say that they are Liberal but really aren't. In some rare cases, they are Conservatives in denial. Because Liberal ideas and being Liberal is a growing trend, people have become quick to adopt being Liberal without actually understanding what Liberalism is. A major characteristic of Pseudoliberalism is to support (Note: voting for and supporting are two different things, sometimes you have to pick the lesser of evils) conservative and socially right politicians and politics (Barack Obama is Right Wing in some respects). Sometimes, politicians will claim to be liberal, and try to side on the left when it comes to a few social matters (such as being pro same sex marriage). However, they will generally pass and support socially and economically right policies.

Examples of PseudoliberalsEdit

Day 31 Occupy Wall Street October 16 2011 Shankbone 11

Ron Paul supporters

Appear to be Pseudoliberals: Edit

Actual Liberals may appear to be Pseudoliberals when they're really not. Liberalism has a tradition of moderates and conservatives along with progressives. Liberals do evolve, but we're also pragmatic. Pragmatism is one of the reasons we evolve, but it can cause liberals within a Conservative area or group to adopt a more moderated progression to their Liberalism. Moderate to Conservative Liberals may at time find themselves adopting positions of their constituencies while waiting for consensus to build for more Liberal policies. Despite the propaganda, being more liberal does not make one more Liberal.

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