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Several protests took place this year because United States soldiers burned Islamic material. Some of the protests turned into riots and people were confirmed to be killed. 41 deaths and 270 injuries have been confirmed.

Accident Edit

In February 2012, two Afghan-American interpreters removed 1,652 damaged books and Islamic texts from the library at the Parwan Detention Facility (including 48 copies of the Quran), and boxed them for storage. Mistakenly, United States armed forces sent them to the incinerator. Afghan garbage collectors reported that they found many charred books and quickly notified an Afghan National Army commander. John R. Allen, commander of ISAF and US forces said the books contained extremist inscriptions.


Many Muslims performed nation wide protests, which ultimately turn into riots. Some of the chants were chants such as, "Death to America, death to Obama, and Karzai." Twenty-three people were killed after 3 days of protesting and riots, including four members of the United States armed forces. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the deaths of four American military personnel. The protests are currently ongoing and, 41 deaths and 270 injuries are confirmed.


Afghanistan and US authorities completed an investigation on April 2012. However, it is not clear what actions were taken against the officers who were involved in the Quran burning.


Obama and other American officials apologized for the burning of the Qurans. However, some Afghan officials really are disappointed about the incident. Mitt Romney also attacked Obama because he viewed the apology as a weakness.

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