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Rage Against The Machine' is a totally bitchin' funk-punk-rap-metal band that formed in Los Angeles, California in 1991. They split up in 2000 after Tim Commerford did something or other to annoy Zach de la Rocha, but then they did a comeback concert in 2007 and have been touring since! RATM have a typical punk style of being openly socialist, "All power to the proletariat" kinda attitude.


Zack de la Rocha - Vocals

Tim Commerford - Bass

Tom Morello - Guitars

Brad Wilk - Drums

Discography (original material)Edit

Their first album was the self-titled "Rage Against The Machine" (1992) which was totally awesome. "Killing in the Name" featured on the computer game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and Guitar Hero 2.

Their second album was called "Evil Empire" released in 1996, and finally "The Battle of Los Angeles" in 1999.

The song Bulls on Parade was on VH1's top 40 metal songs and Guitar Hero 3. the Song testify was on Rock Band 2.[citation needed]

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