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Can your science explain why it rains?00:12

Can your science explain why it rains?

Religion vs scienc in a nutshell

Rain is something we're all familiar with, we've all seen water falling from the sky and we've all got wet when it rains. But when the rain stops and we get drought that's even worse.

What causes rain?

  1. The sun heats water making it evaporate.
  2. Water vapour rises from land, from oceans, from rivers and lakes.
  3. Water vapour ends off high in the air where it cools, condenses round dust particles or salt particles and becomes water again.
  4. First the condensed water makes small droplets that can stay in the air.
  5. If there’s enough water in the clouds they become heavy rain clouds. Then water droplets become big drops of water.
  6. The water drops fall out of the rain clouds becoming rain. [1] [2]

Acid rainEdit

Acid rain happens when acid pollutant get into rainwater. Acid rain harms plants and animals, acid rain also damages buildings in towns. [3]


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